New Library Building Construction Photo Gallery

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foundation1f.jpg (83191 bytes) foundation2f.jpg (50631 bytes)

The crew spreads out plastic over the select fill dirt.

The crew lays in rebar to reinforce the foundation.



foundation3f.jpg (63866 bytes) foundation4f.jpg (52094 bytes)
The crew prepares the beams. 

 The concrete pump pours concrete 
into the beams. 


foundation5f.jpg (82228 bytes)    foundation6f.jpg (80352 bytes)

City Manager Mary Daly confers with Jim Stanley and Gary Fisher from Danenbaum Engineering.

foundation8f.jpg (78109 bytes)    foundation9f.jpg (74986 bytes)


foundation10f.jpg (74059 bytes)    foundation11f.jpg (74411 bytes)

foundation12f.jpg (77019 bytes)    foundation13f.jpg (77593 bytes)


foundation14f.jpg (76581 bytes)    foundation15f.jpg (53336 bytes)

More concrete is pumped & poured and then smoothed out inside the foundation's form. 

foundation16f.jpg (66932 bytes)    foundation17f.jpg (76193 bytes)

Workers use a vibrating tool to settle the concrete before more smoothing is done.



outerskin.jpg (55681 bytes)

sheetrock.jpg (44208 bytes)

Workers are attaching the sheet metal panels while Board Treasuer, Meg Barrow looks on.

The sheet rock is up on the interior walls!


sheetrock2.jpg (38242 bytes) stonewall.jpg (48096 bytes)
The sheet rock has now been taped and bedded.
At the rear of this shot you can see the entrance to the 1000 sq. ft. Community Meeting Room.
The next stage of the interior project will be painting the walls.
The stone has been applied to the front of the building. 
The next stage of the exterior project will be to apply stone to the porch roof support columns.

April 3rd, 2005 the Library was almost ready to open.


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