Unlike the old stereotyped tomb-like libraries, which were places where only whispers were allowed, we want you and your children o feel free to laugh and enjoy yourselves. We will encourage your children to interact with us, with you, and with each other at Story Time.
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During the school year Story Time is offered, for children ages two and up, once a week on Wednesdays at 10:30am.  During the summer we have paid educational entertainers who fill the Wednesday morning time slot. For our summer program schedule please check our monthly calendar or our Summer Reading Program schedule page.

We also have a very popular program during the summer on Thursday afternoons at 3:30 - Crazy Craft-time! For the schedule craft please check our monthly calendar.

The average duration for Story Time is 45 minutes. When we have a craft activity planned Story Time will last one hour. On the days that we have a craft activity the children should wear clothing that they may get dirty. See Below for Storytime Guidelines

We offer stories, finger plays, games, songs, or crafts and occasionally a snack. Sometimes we get out our puppets as a special treat.  We feature books each week that are perfect for family story time. The books use repetitive phrases or catchy rhymes that capture a young reader's attention. Parents will learn story telling techniques as well as how-to-do many fun crafts that can be done at home with the entire family.

Younger and older children are always welcome to attend but our activities and stories are aimed at the two to six age group. If we receive several requests we will be glad to offer a Toddler Story Time once each week as well as our regular Story Time. Parents, please make your wishes regarding Story Time scheduling known at the circulation desk. 

If you will let us know when your child has a birthday coming up we will plan a short celebration to accompany Story Time.



Storytimes, at a public library, are often a child's first group experience.  Attending storytime is different than watching TV, going to a movie, or watching a sports event.  The behavior of the audience can positively or negatively affect the program. A helpful audience enables the storyteller to give the best presentation possible. With this in mind, we would appreciate parents and caregivers taking time to think about and discuss storytime behavior before the library program.  Our goal is a happy and worthwhile experience for all.

1.  When it comes to noise . . .

         Helpful:  Verbally responding to the story, soft sounds (happy or unhappy), talking in an undertone, joyful reactions.

         Not helpful:  Private conversations between adults, ringing cell phones, loud speech or shouting that is unrelated to the story, scolding a child loudly, crying that drowns out the story (ok to leave and return).

 2.  When it comes to movement . . .

        Helpful:  Clapping, tapping, jumping, etc. when part of the story or song; going forward when invited to participate; toddlers toddling around close to parent or caregiver; quietly leaving and re-entering; joyful reactions.

        Not helpful:  Running during the program, unsupervised toddlers in away-from-program areas, taking away books and materials that are part of the presentation, touching (tickling, poking, etc.) other children during a story, blocking the view of others by standing directly in front of the presentation.

3.  When it comes to general behavior . . .

        Adults model good audience behavior for children by being attentive and participating.

        Sitting with a parent or caregiver helps a child under the age of four to focus upon the program.

        Adults may be needed to help their children with craft activities or to just be there so their children enjoy showing off their creations.

        Arriving on time is important.  If you do arrive late, please wait for a break between stories  or songs before joining the group, otherwise you may replace the story presenter as the main focus and break the spell of the story.

        If the children in your care become upset please remove them until they are comfortable and ready to listen, then quietly re-enter and try again.

        It is not advisable to force children to remain in storytime while they are distraught or having a tantrum.

        If you do not enjoy the program or must leave, please do so in a manner that is least disruptive to others.

alvaradopubliclibrary Please remember:  Storytimes are carefully planned presentations that are neither school lessons nor stage performances, but completely unique literary experiences for the child.  Each storytime is designed to incorporate pre-literacy skills with delightful childrens books to encourage childrens early love of reading.  We appreciate your help in preserving an enjoyable and beneficial storytime experience for all.

Thank you!                                                                                               Alvarado Public Library





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