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It is our policy not to charge fees for the use of any of our equipment. 

However, we do charge very reasonable fees for the cost of replacing supplies used by our patrons, such as paper and ink cartridges.   

Please use the sidebar index, on the left side of this page, for quick links to specific fees or scroll down at your leisure for more information..


Computer Prints  Black & White on standard paper $0.10 per page
Color on standard paper .......................$0.25 per page
Color on glossy brochure paper.........$0.35 per page
Color on glossy photo paper...............$0.50 per page

Damaged or Lost Date Cards  $1.00 replacement fee per card

Facsimile (FAX) Machine :

    $1.00 for the first outgoing or incoming page

    $0.10 for each additional outgoing or incoming page

Library or Computer/In-House Use Cards (Damaged or Lost)

  $1.50 replacement fee 1st lost or damaged card

Additional $1.50 added to each replacement fee for 2nd and subsequent lost or damaged cards. ($3.00, $4.50, $6.00, etc.)

Library Membership Fees :  

Inside the incorporated city limits of Alvarado 
- No Charge for 1st card issued

Non-residents - outside the incorporated city limits of Alvarado 
- Individual $10.00 per year
- Family $15.00 per year
- Student or Teacher's Limited Use Card - no charge for 1st card issued
- Volunteers or City Employees - no charge for 1st card issued

Meeting Room Rental Fees and Cleaning Deposit :

Rental fees are either $10.00 per hour or $40.00 per day

Cleaning deposit $25.00

Please click here for Meeting Room Features and Meeting Room Rental Policy alvaradopubliclibrary

Microfilm Prints :

    $0.25 per page  alvaradopubliclibrary

Overdue Items :

Photocopies - Black & White :

    $0.10 per page for letter size paper (8 1/2 X 11")

    $0.15 per page for legal size paper (8 1/2 X 14")

    $0.20 per page for ledger size paper (11 X 17")  alvaradopubliclibrary
              - Color:

    $0.25 per page for letter size paper (8 1/2 X 11")

    $0.35 per page for legal size paper (8 1/2 X 14")
    $0.35 per page
    on glossy brochure paper
    $0.50 per page on glossy photo paper

Processing Fees for Damaged, Lost, or Stolen Material

Any item which has to be replaced by the library will have  a  $10.00 processing fee added to the replacement cost. (You may save the $10.00 fee by providing a new replacement copy.)

    Book covers $2.00 each

    Card pockets $1.00 each

    Protective plastic boxes, cases or covers $2.00 each

    Fees for other damaged materials will be assessed on an individual basis by a library staff member. 



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