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Homebound Library Service


Homebound Library Service Program participants can borrow books, DVDs, music CDs and more.

If you are homebound, even temporarily, because of lack of transportation, illness, disability or age you can still borrow books and other materials from the library.

If you dont already have a card one of the librarys staff members will make a visit to your home and fill-out the card application for you. 

After your library card is created, you can have up to four items at a time delivered to your home by one of our staff members up to twice a week. 

We will bring along a laptop computer, which will show show our librarys collection for your selections or we can bring printed lists, which you can keep, of specific kinds of materials in our collection like mysteries, DVDs or audio books on cassette or CD.

Qualified participants may also borrow lighted magnifiers, personal DVD players or CD players.

If you know someone who would be interested in this program, or if you would like additional information for yourself, please contact Leanna Cowan at  817-783-7323 or send email to



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