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   Ten-year-old boy sells his favorite video games to help build a new public library.

Samuel Trotter

Ten-year-old Samuel Trotter loves coming to the library. When the library was condemned in 2002 Sam was there with his mother, Susan, and his sister, Leta to help pack up over 20,000 books and take them to storage units.

    Sam helped unpack and repack books again each time the library was set-up in new temporary quarters, and he has volunteered to help with Story Time and Summer Reading Program presentations.
      Library board treasurer, Meg Barrow came up with a new fund raising idea on April 26th of this 2003.  The public would be asked to sponsor a square foot of the proposed new library for $25.00.
    Sam was determined to sponsor a square foot - all by himself. For three months he did odd jobs, and finally made what for most children would be the ultimate sacrifice. He sold some of his toys and all but one of his favorite video games. Sam's family is not rich but they are very giving people.
    On July 31, 2003 at 10:00 a.m. Sam came to the last temporary location of the Alvarado Public Library to pay for his square foot. He asked that his square foot be located in our "Hank the Cowdog" book section. 
How often do we find anyone who is so self-sacrificing? Especially a ten-year-old boy?


Local Artist Draws His Heart Out!

Ricky Poulter

Local artist Ricky Poulter is drawing his heart out for the new Alvarado Public Library project. [Ricky raised $126.50 by drawing cartoon and comic book characters as well as caricatures of local citizens like Mayor Tom Durington and his wife Judy. Ricky donated all the money he receives, for the drawings, to the Alvarado Public Library Building Fund. Ricky's hard work and unselfish attitude are an inspiration to us all.]


Salvage Operation Started!
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Chris in dark.jpg (56108 bytes)      tdbaker.jpg (50646 bytes) 

Chris Davis sorting out tools.           T.D. Baker removing a door. 

Mary and Ted.jpg (48384 bytes)

Mary "helps" her husband Ted Dossey, with her cordless drill, as they remove a fire extinguisher case. 

Terrywindow.jpg (48814 bytes)                         wakefield1.jpg (48662 bytes)

Terry Cowan gearing up to work on some windows.    Brian Wakefield takes down an emergency exit sign.

On January 3, 2004 our volunteer salvage group started removing various items for use in the new building. Working in semi-darkness, due to the lack of electricity, were: (in alphabetical order) T. D. Baker, Leanna and Terry Cowan, Chris Davis, Brett, Corey, Mary, Ted & Tonie Dossey, and Brian Wakefield. 

[In order to cut costs the library incorporated many recycled materials from the old library building, such as bathroom fixtures, interior doors, door stops, door frames,  windows,  and wooden shelving.] 


The Official Groundbreaking for the new Alvarado Public Library took place on Tuesday, April 6th, 2004 at 6:30 p.m. We "Broke the Ground" and watched as storm clouds threatened the construction site for the new Alvarado Public Library!

Pictured from left to right are:
Front row - Mayor Tom  Durington, Coumcilman Eddie Richters, State Library Commissioner Cruz Hernandez, Library Board Member  Mary Dossey.
Back row - "unknown female", John Percifield, Councilman David Bayless, 4B Board Chairman John Valentine, Library Board President Brian Wakefield, Assistant Librarian Kelly Jones, Library Board Vice President Ruth Daniels,  Library Board Treasurer Meg Barrow, Alternate Library Board Secretary Chris Davis, Library Board Secretary Gloria Rauch, Library Board member Susan Trotter, Library Volunteer Darla Million, Library Director Leanna Cowan,  City Finance Director Beuna Wilson, American Legion Commander.

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