Photos from previous Johnson County Pioneers & Old Settlers Reunion Parades

Photos from the 2004 Parade
Photographs courtesy of library patron and
Laripin' Good Library Queen , Darla Million and Alvarado City Manager, Mary Daly.

Laripin' Good Library Queen "Loretta" AKA Darla Million

Click on each photo below for a larger view.

Library Float and Participants:
libfloatlongshot.jpg (69584 bytes) kellywoowoo.jpg (83087 bytes)
Librarians and library patrons can really yell!    Just ask anyone who saw the parade...       

 ruthd.jpg (39841 bytes)  susant.jpg (97848 bytes)
Annie Oakley from Annie Get Your Gun -                  A Janette Oke pioneer mother - .        
AKA Ruth Daniels.                                            AKA Susan Trotter. 

leannedramaqueen.jpg (41497 bytes) float1a.jpg (42480 bytes) 
Laripin' Good Library Queen "Loretta"                 After the parade we were all catching our breath!
AKA Leanne Cowan                                                                                   

float2a.jpg (81611 bytes) float3a.jpg (91894 bytes)
Before the parade we were making last minute repairs! See if you can spot anyone you know.

Other Parade Floats and Entries:

Parade2004longshot.jpg (74872 bytes)

aloha.jpg (81274 bytes)
aloha1.jpg (104747 bytes)
This beautiful float representing the past JCPOSR Baby Contest Winners
 took days and days of work and was appreciated by the happy parade watching crowd.

alvcheerfiretrk.jpg (77577 bytes) bluewateroaks.jpg (78713 bytes) 
Following in the tradition of years past area fire departments had their trucks in the parade.
wohlgemuth.jpg (79402 bytes) mayors.jpg (88177 bytes)
Rep. Arlene Wohlgemuth looking cool              Our  Johnson County Mayors all looked 
and collected despite the hot day.                   comfortable and happy to be there!

redhatteaparty.jpg (73178 bytes) boyscouts.jpg (76095 bytes)
The Red Hat Society had a Tea Party.              The Boy Scouts honored their grandfathers.

homelandsec.jpg (81946 bytes)
International Miss contest winners.

jcsherriffhorses.jpg (73186 bytes) jcsheriff.jpg (78253 bytes)
The Johnson County Sheriff's Department with their wonderful horses and prisoner's cart.

2000 Johnson County Pioneers & Old Settlers Reunion Parade

Want to look at even older photos? Follow this link.

Featured music - The Thunderer March - by John Phillips Sousa, performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fielder, conductor.

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