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June 4th - August 13th

Summer Reading Club Guidelines

Registration for all 3 Summer Reading Clubs will begin on Wednesday, June 4th.

Printable Schedule

Please be sure to thank our wonderful Sponsors for their much needed support, including the Alvarado City Council.

June 11th at 10:30 am

Our Kick-off Program!

Debbie Day's Xtreme Kidz -
Pop! Fizz! Funny!


Mad Science!
Mad Science - Sounds Like Science!

June 18th - 10:30 am
Sounds Like Science!
Make waves and some noise in this fun and funky science show! The Mad Scientist will create crazy cacophony with a garbage can, a swinging sound tube and a metal pipe! Children will cheer as pickles glow and potatoes pop! What are all the kids talking about? Sounds like Science!

Will you win something in our weekly door prize drawing?


Meteorologist Maggie

The tornado Meteorologist Maggie will make isn't quite this big, but the principles are the same.
 Photo credit tornado - Natural Disasters Image Gallery: Don Farrall/Getty Images

June 25th - 10:30 am
Weather Wonders with Meteorologist Maggie (Margaret Clauder)
Steam, water, snow and ice. Water is the only natural substance that can take on this many forms - naturally! Meteorologist Maggie will perform magic that will demonstrate various weather phenomena. For one example, water will magically evaporate and also turn into snow. What can we make from snow? A snowman of course! A magical snowman will also be made and a picture of a snowman will come to life and talk to us, too! (Based on the story Frosty the Snowman). A water tornado will demonstrate a real tornado. Finally, Chilly the Penguin (a puppet) will help teach kids about the place on Earth with the coldest weather - Antarctica!

Will you win something in our weekly door prize drawing?


July 2nd - 10:30am
 Turtle Discovery!

This fun and entertaining presentation will focus on reptiles and amphibians from Texas, the United States, and around the world. You will learn about the anatomy, physiology, and biology of reptiles and amphibians and fun facts that make each animal unique.

Will you win something in our weekly door prize drawing? Don't worry - mom - it won't be a live turtle!


Dr. Flake-n-Stein

 Brett Roberts (AKA  Dr. Flake-n-Stein) was trained in puppetry at the Jim Henson's Muppet Company in Chicago and he is the top children’s magician in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

July 9th – 10:30 am
Dr. Flake-n-Stein the Mad Scientist!

Dr. Flake-n-Stein's Magic Laboratory combines magic, robot puppets and science experiments. This highly interactive show lets children not only participate with magic tricks, but they will also help with real science experiments. These experiments are all safe to do at home. So, children will be encouraged to try the experiments well after the show is over. This performance not only encourages children to read books on science experiments, but they will also want to read about magic tricks and science fiction too.


You might win a surprise in our door prize drawing.


July 16th - 10:30 a.m.
Blow A Bigger Bubble w/Bernadette the Bubble Lady

Children will be WOWED by bubbles that begin tiny and progressively get bigger and bigger. Highlights of the show are when an audience volunteer is brought up for a "bubble hairdo". A parent - and even a child - will be put inside a GIANT bubble at the end of the show!
You might win a surprise in our weekly door prize drawing.


Other featured aminals:
LemurRed TeguChilean Tarantula
Hissing Cockroach • 
African Gray Parrot
10 ft. Python

 July 23rd  10:30 am 
Critterman's Rainforest Junior Safari!

Meet amazing animals from Mexican, Central/South American, and Asian Rain Forests. Or should we say; the rototillers, seed dispersers and pest controllers of the Rain Forest.  Every animal has its job. Discover how forest dwellers are perfectly adapted to a life in and under the canopy. 

Will you win a  surprise in this week's door prize drawing?




July 30th  – 10:30 am 
Rhythm Path Drum Circle!

  • What Happens During A Drum Circle? Everyone is given a drum to play!
    Various rhythms will be taught and improvisation will be encouraged. You will sing traditional West African songs. You will work as a team to build the facilitated rhythms. Everyone learns about West African culture.
  • Best of all you make music while beating things!

    About Facilitator David Cox: David holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. David has twice been to Senegal, West Africa, where he observed and participated in the local musical culture. He currently resides in Dallas, TX, where he teaches private percussion lessons and percussion programs in local schools throughout the North Texas area.


    Wednesday, August 6th 10:30am Balloon Science with Miss Aimee!

    Yes, you can have fun with balloons while doing science experiments!



    Important Date!

    Saturday, August 9th - 12:30 pm  Deadline to turn in your book tracker forms for Summer Reading Club Prizes.


    Thank you to Domino's Pizza for providing pizza to our award recipients and their parents!

    Summer Reading Program
    Awards Ceremony
     & Pizza Party - Sponsored by Domino's Pizza!Wednesday, August 13th 11:30 am

    Today we will award reading club certificates and coupons for free surprises from area merchants to those who have completed the minimum reading requirements for their age group and we will hold drawings for special prizes, such as Walmart gift cards, for our Top Readers!

    Refreshments will be served to all reading club participants (who have completed the minimum requirements to receive a certificate) and their parents.

    After the program ends
    we will be handing out reading awards, coupons and special prizes to our Adult, Juvenile and Teen Reading Club participants! Enjoy some Domino's pizza and watch our afternoon movie -


    "You are listening to Summertime from Porgy & Bess by George Gershwin.



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