Alvarado Public Library
2015 Summer Reading Program
June 3rd - July 31st

Summer Reading Club Guidelines

Registration for all 3 Summer Reading Clubs will begin on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Awards Ceremony Parties will be by invitation only.

Please be sure to thank our wonderful Sponsors for their much needed support, including the Alvarado City Council.

June 3rd at 10:00 am
Sign-ups start today for all three Summer Reading Clubs!
Get started with your reading challenge and Become a Reading Superhero!


Brett Roberts puppeteer-magician

June 10th at 10:30 am
Puppeteer/Magician Brett Roberts

Award winning entertainer, Brett Roberts will present his new show Heroes Around the World!
Not all heroes wear capes and costumes. Join Brett while he searches the world for heroes. There are different values that make a hero. Throughout history people have shown that they are worthy of the title “Hero”. This magic show will give examples  of those values and will show how anyone can be a hero. This show combines fast paced magic, puppetry and storytelling!

Will you win something in our weekly door prize drawing?


June 17th

Margaret Clauder AKA Reporter Maggie presents The Hero is in YOU!

Will you win something in our weekly door prize drawing?




June 24th - 10:30 am
Cool School With Ms. Maria - Every Hero Has a Story!

Will you win something in our weekly door prize drawing?


July 1st - 10:30am
Meet Our Local Heroes!
Learn how to become a fireman from one of our local heroes in the Alvarado Fire Department! Explore a fire engine and see the life-saving equipment used by our brave firefighters! While you're here check-out our books and DVDs about firefighters.

You might win a special surprise in our door prizee drawing today!


Bernadette the Bug Lady

July 8th - 10:30 am
Bernadette the Bug Lady! What's Bugging You?
Bernadette the Bug Lady will thrill you with a visit from REAL, LIVE bugs and bug puppets. Live insects may include a centipede, a scorpion, Madagascar hissing cockroach, or a REAL LIVE tarantula! Specimens which have been preserved in acrylic will be passed around so children can take a close and comfortable look. Will you win one of three special "Bug Catcher Kits" in our weekly door prize drawing?

Will you win something in our weekly door prize drawing?


July 15th - 10:30 a.m.
Miss Aimee the Super-Hero Balloon Lady!
What's Your Super-power?

This will be a show with lots of audience participation!


Will you win one of three superhero water blasters in our weekly door prize drawing?


 July 22nd  10:30 am 
The Science of Super Heroes!

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!How do they do it? Mad Science brings the mystery and awe of these heroic actions into light in a fun, mesmerizing and jaw dropping fashion!

Will you win one of three superhero night lights in our weekly door prize drawing?

Will you win something in our weekly door prize drawing?


July 29th  – 10:30 am 

Dinosaur Valley State Park Interpretive Ranger, Kathy Lenz will be bringing “Dino Digs” to the library! This is a hands-on program - complete with real fossils for the kids to discover and learn about their origin.

Fossils rubs and coloring pages will also be provided.
Will you win one of three sets of glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs in our weekly door prize drawing?



Important Date!

Saturday, August 1st at 12:30 pm is the deadline to turn in your book tracker forms for Summer Reading Club Prizes.



Summer Reading Program
Awards Ceremony Parties

  This year we will have three separate Awards Ceremony Parties, which will be by invitation only.
Please make sure we have a current phone number on file for you or your family.

 We will award reading club certificates and coupons for free surprises from area merchants to those who have completed the minimum reading requirements for their age group. We will give special prizes, such as Walmart gift cards, to our Top Readers!


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