Past Reunion Contest Winners
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Past Reunion Queen, Whitney Cooper -2006

2006 - Second Runner Up, Megan Palmer; Queen, Whitney Cooper; First Runner up, Mallory Burton.

2006- Noah Grace and Tatum Balentine Group I

2006- Robert Kyker and Alyssa Delgado Group II



Lindsey Wood Reunion Queen - 2005

1st Runner-up Whitney Cooper, Queen Lindsey Wood, 2nd Runner-up Meggie Bivins
Photographs courtesy of Ron's Photography .


Hope Spivey and Caleb Watson Group I - 2005

Caleb Groves and Hayli Sexton Group II - 2005

Marty Elmore Fiddlers Contest Winner 2005
Grand Champion Fiddler


2004 Reunion Queen Anna Childress - daughter of Kevin & Susan Childress of Grandview
Photograph courtesy of Ron's Photography.

Kyndall Peden          and     Caleb Groves Group I - 2004

Taylor Burchett and Timothy Shackelford Group II - 2004

Jim Chandler 2004 Fiddlers Contest Winner
Grand Champion Fiddler

     Miranda..Johnson County.jpg (21227 bytes)
Reunion Queen 2003
Miranda Evans
Photograph courtesy of Charlotte Whisenhunt

queen03.jpg (81795 bytes)  queenscourt.jpg (86663 bytes)

Queen and Runners-Up Photograph courtesy of Ron's Photography .

2003 Group I Winners:                              2003 Group II Winners:
 Kaitlyn Martin & River Pryor                     Dixie Platt & Seth Roberts

Jim Chandler 2003 Fiddlers Contest Winner
Grand Champion Fiddler

queen02.jpg (49749 bytes)
Reunion Queen 2002
Tammy Gray

qnrunners02.jpg (59237 bytes)
Queen, Tammy Gray and 1st & 2nd Runners-up, Ashley Trompler & Amanda Sendgraff - 2002.

baby contest grp1.jpg (40504 bytes) baby contest grp2.jpg (46217 bytes)
Group I Winners 2002                        Group II Winners 2002
Kara Dees and Bayden Bollman        Jessica Morris and Lain LaFountain

Jim Chandler 2002 Fiddlers Contest Winner
Grand Champion Fiddler


fiddlers.gif (47417 bytes)  
2001 1st Place Winners
Fiddlers Contest

    Tiffany Spears          Tiffany Smith   
Reunion Co-Queens 2000

baby1.gif (47919 bytes) baby2.gif (34414 bytes)  
Group I Winners 2000:                     Group II Winners 2000:   
Mackenzie Goff and Dustin McMemnany.        Jacie Allen and Ty Sims.            

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Photos courtesy of Ron's Photography




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